The 4 proposed studios constitute a 2 floors villa located 4 km from Saint François at the Domain of Anse des Rochers.

The Domaine is the previous Domain of the former Anchorage Hotel which do not exis anymore. It has been transformed in a private co-property. All common equipments accessible and managed by the co-property.

Then, on the site you can enjoy the private beach, the private swimming pool (a special card, available vith the studio is necessary for access), a tennis. A restaurant is also located on the site.

40mn are necessary to access the site located 38 km from the airport.

When leaving the airport, do not forget to inform the person in charge of your welcome to allow him to anticipate your arrival time on the site.

Take direction of Saint François via Pointe A Pitre and Sainte Anne. When leaving Sainte Anne, you will cross a large turn around (approx 1 km after the urban area). Then continue during 8.5 km until a VITTO Service station at your right.


Turn right just after the station (Anse des Rochers direction available) en continue during 1.5km. At the end of this road, turn right during 200m and then turn left just in front of a bus stop named "Anse des Rochers". Take this road and you will arrive at the Domain barrier. Thes last instructions are illustrated with pink arrows on the map (click to zoom).

You are arrived : call the person in charge of your welcome