Rentals available on this site are exclusively granted rentals by owners

They are based on a family organization:

  • Renters, owners live in Metropolis
  • A family member residing in Guadeloupe handles all the local part of the reception of tenants from their arrival until their departure and return of the premises.

The contacts are held with the owner after visiting this site or read an ad on a site or a trade publication.

Any agreement between the landlord and tenant, results in an option agreement on the apartment for a reasonable time for the contract and settlement deposit is received by the lessor. All reservations will only be considered firm upon receipt of deposit.

If the deposit is not received in a reasonable time, the lessor retains the right to enter into a lease with another tenant without any compensation to the tenant who would be late to confirm its agreement.

The conditions of the lease are specified in the Lease Agreement. For reasons related to slight differences between the studios (equipment, floor), a model contract is proposed by studio which incorporates same terms and conditions, but more accurately describes the features and studio facilities in question.

Standard contracts are available via the links below: